SCIVAC Rimini 2019

ICF, present as major sponsor of the main European Congresses, could not miss this year at the SCIVAC Rimini from May 24th to 26th.

ICF has always been known for the quality, innovation and safety of its products and solutions, and has received great attention from the many veterinarians who approached the stand to ask information on all products, first of all Tris-NAC® .

Without forgetting, of course, the products that made the history of ICF: Clorexyderm ® Oto, Otodine ® , Otoact ® , Clorexyderm ® 4% Shampoo and Solution, Zincoseb ® Shampoo, Ermidrà ® Shampoo and Spray, Clx Wipes ® , Zeep ® , and many other formulations that generations of vets and owners, for over 30 years, “identify” for their reliability and excellent results.

Always present in veterinary research, we decided to sponsor the report by Emmanuel Bensignor (Sala del Tempio 1, Saturday 25 May) dedicated to the problem of seborrhea and the excellent results obtained with the use of Zincoseb ® shampoo and spray. And again on Saturday 25, Dr. Giovanni Ghibaudo gave a talk entitled “Cutaneous microbiota: in search of homeostasis!”, Dedicated to the innovative product presented by DRN, Linkskin ® , designed specifically to promote rebalancing of the skin microbiota. At the end of the reports, the winners of 3 free entries at the next European Congress of Veterinary Dermatology to be held in Liverpool from September 26th to 28th offered by ICF were extracted

Thanks again to all of you who have come to our stand and, as you have been doing for many years, you have rewarded with your presence and interest the work we are doing to achieve results always best and innovative.



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