Clorexyderm® soluzione, disinfectant solution for pets with moisturizing action



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Disinfectant solution for pets with moisturizing action

P.M.C. n°18326 Ministry of Health

  • Chlorhexidine digluconate 0,5%;
  • glycerin with moisturizing action;
  • deionized water.

Clorexyderm® soluzione is a disinfectant rich in  moisturizing and emollient substances. No rinse is required after application.

Clorexyderm® soluzione is active against microrganisms sensitive to chlorhexidine.

Its non-oily and non-irritant liquid formulation allows the disinfectant treatment of wide skin areas, long hair coat when a rapid disinfectant action is required.

Spray the product on the interested area until skin is wetted. At this condition the product acts in five minutes. Do not rinse.
A slight massage may be performed. The treatment may be repeated every 24 hours.

H412 Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects
  • Solution 250 ml
  • Solution 500 ml
  • Solution 1000 ml
  • Solution foam 200 ml




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