In order to  maintain the leadership, in full compliance with current and voluntary health regulations, worker safety and environmental protection, I.C.F. srl believes that the production and marketing of finished pharmaceutical veterinary products, disinfectants (Medical Surgical Devices – PMC – Biocides) and biological detergents and non-biological for animals, disinfectants and cleaners for environments, cosmetics for human use, insecticides, must be innovative, be of high quality and have an adequate overall service standard to meet the customer’s expectations in full compliance with the requirements of the applicable product.

These values generate the goals that I.C.F. srl intends to pursue with the production operations and relations with the interested parties through continuous improvement.

For this reason, I.C.F. srl mission is to make customers perceive a high quality of products and services through the implementation of an integrated Quality, Environment and Safety processing System, which takes into account the interested parties’ needs.

I.C.F. srl in particular assures to pursue:

  • process-oriented management
  • operating in a structured, systematic and collaborative way along the entire production chain
  • achieving high performance through the commitment of all collaborators, with the utmost attention to the customer’s needs and mandatory requirements by recognizing quality as a fundamental value.
  • the use of “lean” management procedures
  • making them employable through computerized management systems
  • improving the efficiency and effectiveness of company management procedures
  • integrating the quality, environment, health and safety documented information
  • the collaborators professional growth
  • involving all collaborators by letting them express themselves in order to achieve solutions to improve production processes without neglecting the possible consequences to health, safety and the environment
  • increasing the collaborators’ skills through continuous training
  • an increasingly intense involvement of Suppliers
  • sharing the needs of the Customers with the Suppliers
  • selecting Suppliers capable of offering increasingly competitive products and services
  • ensuring suppliers business relationships characterized by constant reciprocity of intent
  • inspection:
  • risks in relation to the health and safety of workers
  • the environmental impact of the activities through research and implementation of innovative and effective solutions aimed in particular towards the impact of water discharges, energy consumption and produced waste
  • the degree of customer dissatisfaction

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Palazzo Pignano, November 16th 2020
Il Legal Rappresentative




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