Our story, 30 years of innovation

ICF is an Italian company located in Palazzo Pignano (Cremona), leader in the market of veterinarian products since 30 years. ICF started making a name for itself introducing the micro encapsulation technique in the formulation of insecticide. This innovative technique combines an efficacy prolonged in time together with the opportunity to reduce concentration of the active principles. This means a very low impact on the environment!

Starting from this we have seen that our knowledge could be applied toward other solutions for the most common diseases of pets, creating a right balance between theory and practice to satisfy the expectations of the customers!

Research and Development
Continuous evolution of knowledge, research, constant clinical experimentation combined with experience and high quality production, allowed us to develop a wide range of products, particularly focused on dermatological therapy.

Our mission is to follow approaches that do not foresee the usage of antibiotic as first choice therapy! The idea to introduce on the market products with very high quality standard has brought ICF to achieve an excellent position in the field of care and wellness of pets in Italy as well as in Europe!

Scientific quality and reliability
The experimentation of our products is committed to independent Veterinarians who ensure our products passed the highest tolerance and efficacy tests before they are launched in the market.

Beside our site in Palazzo Pignano we have an office in Palazzo Trecchi (Cremona) that is also the seat of SCIVAC, the most important Italian society of Veterinarians that promotes culture and refresher courses.

Furthermore, we have an open sky research laboratory in Lapland where, together with Mr Henry Coronica, very well known Italian musher, we do research on his sled dogs to give solutions to the needs and common diseases of working dogs.

Our simple, but innovative and effective products have proved their worth in Italy, as well as in Europe.

Since more than 5 years we are in 24 European countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Holland, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, England, Hungary).

Thanks to our staff of Veterinarians, Technical Consultants and Colleagues who sponsor ICF in Italy and in Europe, we are major sponsors of the most important conventions, we organize dermatological courses (diagnostic and therapeutic) for Veterinarians and sponsor important scientific articles.






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