Peptivet event – Slovenia 2017

Thanks to the collaboration of our partner Iris, ICF met Slovenian Veterinarians from 7 to 10 March for 3 evenings dedicated to the theme “The future is now!”

The meetings took place in Lubiana, Maribor and Strugnano. After a welcome coffee, the speakers and the Veterinarians who attended met each other and compared their different working experiences.

Dr Giovanni Ghibaudo presented an interesting report on the origin of otitis and their correct management starting from ear cleaning. This practise is essential to prevent and cure the possible diseases and it must be explained to pet owners to have the highest effectiveness possible.

Dr. Teresa Della Mura, ICF Scientific Manager, showed an interesting report on the possible alternatives to antibiotics and on ICF research that came out with the development and patent of 100 antimicrobial peptides of synthesis (AMP). The speech, in particular, was focused on AMP2041, known as a new revolution in Italy and Europe, and on the tests made to prove its effectiveness and safety and on its association with chlorhexidine, Tris-EDTA, Vitamin PP, Zinc PCA e GPI Lysine Salt in Peptivet® Oto Gel. This is reason of the evening theme “The future is now!”.

After a coffe break, Dr Ghibaudo showed his in vitro study published on Veterinary Dermatology Journal ((In vitro antimicrobial activity of a gel containing antimicrobial peptide AMP2041, chlorhexidine digluconate and Tris-EDTA on clinical isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa from canine otitis) and the in vivo study that he coordinated (Studio clinico dell’efficacia e tollerabilità di un nuovo prodotto otologico in gel contenente AMP2041 (Peptivet® oto gel) in cani con otite acuta esterna. Comparazione di due protocolli terapeutici).

Veterinarians had many and interesting questions on the action of peptides, on the management of clinical cases and on the clinical studies. The dinners were a good opportunity too for everyone to share working experiences in different Countries.

It was a significant and constructive experience for us. We thank our partner for the event organization and all the Veterinarians who attended.




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