ESVD Salzburg 2014

ICF Long Term Partner ESVD at European Congress of Veterinary Dermatology in Salzburg – 11-13 September.

The European Congress of Veterinary Dermatology took place in September 11-13 in the city of Salzburg. As Long Term Partner, ICF had a remarkable position in the expositive area and its stand was visited by many Colleagues coming from all over Europe, but also from Mexico, Israel, Russia, Japan, where its products are known and used with excellent results!

10th September was dedicated to the Pre Congress event, with 220 partecipants  in the beautiful St. Peter Stiftskeller! Dr Craig Griffin, our relator, gave an intersting speach about otitis and pyoderma: in particulare, he pointed out the effectiveness of topic therapy with antiseptic products against the emerging antibiotic resistance. As a result, great attention was given to Otodine, Otoact and to the importance of shampoo therapy.

Another big success for ICF, an Italian company which is making its way in the world of European dermatology!



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