ESVD-ECVD Cracow 2015

ICF and DRN at 28th European Congress of Veterinary Dermatology (ESVD-ECVD)

It is difficult to tell how much this event was important for us in terms of brand awareness and consensus, in particular because it was the first time for us among many big companies.

It was the debut of DRN in European conventions: the innovation and originality of its formulations and booth were highly appreciated. The two compenies, with the same reliability and quality, had a great success: we received information and sales requestes of SOLO® line products from foreign consumers because they offer a great nutriotional support in case of elimination diet!

Thanks to the interesting program, 240 Colleagues partecipated to the Pre Congress event of ICF. Our relators were:

Giovanni Ghibaudo
who spoke about strategies of prevention of skin bacterial infections (MSSP e MRSP) in allergic dogs. An experimentation of effective topic treatment of allergic dogs with antimicrobial products like chlorhexidine to prevent skin bacterial infections and dog pyoderma gave support to his speech and proved the effectiveness of this preventive treatment in allergic dogs.

Paola Cavana,
who spoke about the article published by Veterinary Dermatology Journal (A pilot study of the efficacy of wipes containing chlorhexidine 0.3%, climbazole 0.5% and Tris-EDTA to reduce populations on canine skin) on the study to evaluate the in vitro and in vivo effectiveness of Clx Wipes against Malassezia pachydermatis: the product proved to be quickly effective with the highest compliance of pet owners.

Sebastien Viaud,
debated on the theme of topic treatment in dog’s pyoderma and new therapetic strategies. He made a list of the opportunities we have now against antibiotic resistance and pros and cons of actual molecules. At the end of the conference he said that his dream would be the AMP (Anti-Microbial-Peptides) as a new hope for the future to counteract the selection of resistant bacteria. But in the followinf slide he wrote: “ICF REALIZED MY DREAM”, talking about the antimicrobial peptide ICF patented, and this is the great news!

This revolutionary news in Veterinary discipline from the real evolution of knowledge of ICF brought the record number of 850 people to ICF stand in the following days. The number of Veterinarians coming to ICF amazing stand, asking for information, listening and debating on the products was unbelievable and we are really proud of it.
Colleagues coming from European Countries, from Australia, Canada, Israel asked information not only on new products, but also on the already known ones, like Otodine, 4% line, Clx Wipes, attracted by the effectiveness of the products and by the many indipendent studies that support their value. We can remind one of these studies, published by Veterinary Dermatology Journal: Effectiveness of a combined (4% chlorhexidine digluconate shampoo and solution) protocol in MRS and non-MRS canine superficial pyoderma: a randomized, blinded, antibiotic-controlled study.

It was important for us to share this amazing experience with Italian Colleagues and with those who appreciate ICF and DRN: we can rightly be proud of ourselves!



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