First Congress of Veterinary Dermatology – Bulgaria

The First Congress of Veterinary Dermatology in Bulgaria was held on 27 and 28 April 2017 in Plovdiv. Over 120 veterinarians were present on both days, among them many guests from Romania, Macedonia, Greece and Cyprus.

ICF with its Partner VetTrade were main sponsor of the Congress and they were asked a lot of information and questions by the partecipants.

The leading lecturers of the program were Dr. Emmanuel Bensignor and Dr. Sebastian Viaud. Among all the lectures, the presentation of the new Peptivet oto gel and its innovative concept, alternative to antibiotic therapy in case of otitis, made by Dr. Katarina Jirikovska, the CEE manager, got a lot of attention from the partecipants.

Another big success for ICF and Peptivet!



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