ESVD-ECVD Lausanne – September 2017

ICF and DRN have been the main protagonists of the European Dermatology Congress 2017 which took place in Lausanne from 7th to 9th September.

700 Vets coming from all over Europe and the world (even from Thailand, Japan and America)  appreciated our great booth very much. Its modern design, its colours and light made it absolutely unique. The warm welcome and the professionalism of our staff, constantly giving technical information on our products, the historic ones and the new peptides, thanks to which ICF is already known and appreciated in Europe.

We discovered once more talking with many Italian Vets that ICF and DRN are at the frontline in research and innovation of real science in Italy and it was really gratifying for us!

Our companies’ Vets have been really busy in showing and explaining the new products from ICF and DRN: Zincoseb® Spray, a spray solution to be administered together with Zincoseb® Shampoo in the treatment of seborrohoic dermatitis and Linkskin®, based on the revolutionary idea, already popular in human medicine, that an improvement in gut wellness leads to a better wellness of the skin too.  

We were the main protagonists of the event also thanks to 7 of our European distributors, whose booths were focused on Peptivet® line (Otogel, Shampoo and Solution Foam) that is proving to be effective in all Europe.

Our claim “Close to you to help them” that sums up the philosophy inspiring our job, research of products that can offer a support to Vets taking care of dogs and cats, was very appreciated too!

Finally, ICF e DRN were unique sponsors of the Welcome Reception, the welcoming event offered at Lausanne Olympic Museum. Thanks to the spectacular scenary and to the perfect weather conditions, everyone enjoyed the evening very much and were surprised by the presence of some signs of italian gastronomy offered by ICF and DRN.

We had a definitely positive result that encourages us to keep on moving on a way started 30 years ago, always a step ahead!

Thank you to those of you who were there and shared this success with us!



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