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Spray emulsion for dogs and cats based on vegetable essential oils with an odour specifically designed to deter insects.

  • Glycols,
  • Andiroba essential oil,
  • Clove essential oil,
  • Black pepper oil,
  • Geranium oil,
  • emulsifiers,
  • D-Panthenol,
  • preservatives (DMDM Hydantoin),
  • Geraniol,
  • Eugenol,
  • Citronellol,
  • d-Limonene.

The essential oils of plant origin contained in DESECTO® spray
give the skin and hair a novel but intense odour which is designed specifically to deter insects but is a pleasant scent for humans. In addition, ANDIROBA OIL soothes insect bites.

Shake before using. Apply DESECTO® spray over the whole coat of the animal. Where animals have thick or long coats, spray against the growth of the hair. Do not rinse. Do not dry. Use DESECTO® spray up one or more times a day or according to environmental needs.

EUH208 – Contains: clove essential oil, Citronella Oil, Ceylon type.
May produce an allergic reaction.




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