33° ESVD-ECVD Congress Porto 2022

Congresses, at last in attendance, represent an important and appreciated appointment for many Colleagues and, in Oporto (29 September to 1 October) there was a marvellous event both for its scientific content and its particularly evocative setting: the European Dermatological Congress! 800 Veterinary Doctors, not only from Europe, ‘crowded’ the Alfândega Congress Centre, a historical building along the Douro river.

ICF and DRN, brands of the Nextmune group, could not miss out as Long Term Partners of the European Society of Dermatology (ESVD) and our particularly elegant stands were literally stormed. In fact, although our team consisted of no less than ten people, very often a queue formed in order to obtain information both on our ‘historical’ products, now known and appreciated throughout Europe, and on the novelties we presented: Otodine® Wipes, wipes soaked in the same composition as Otodine®, therefore more than useful both in dogs and cats that are difficult to manage with the ‘classic’ liquid Otodine®, but also to be used together with Otodine® for cleaning the ear fin, to prolong its effects.

The Sensitive EVO line (shampoo and spray), where EVO stands for Evolution of Knowledge, aimed as an effective support for dogs and cats with sensitive and/or particularly dehydrated skin that is more prone to infection. Great interest has been aroused by Sensitive EVO spray, in particular, due to the innovative presence of patented Silver Citrate (which is not colloidal silver, which can interfere with the activity of many antibiotics by diminishing their absorption) in combination with ceramides which exert an effective and rapid action on restoring the physiological structure of the skin barrier and increase its hydration and elasticity, and cholesterol, which acts in synergy with ceramides and supports the integrity of the lipid part of the skin barrier, preventing evaporation of water from it.

Wipes Foam
, i.e. the same content as Clx Wipes®, but in foam, so a further and versatile solution, with the same purposes, both to treat larger areas and to meet the needs of some owners who prefer foam to wipes. Obviously without propellants!

There is also particular interest in Bioderm, a rich line of totally organic products for every need (from soothing shampoo, to moisturising and sebum-regulating shampoo together with no-rinse, moisturising and soothing solutions, as well as otological emulsion) of dogs and cats. The products in the Bioderm line are AIAB-certified, which means that they are not only highly dermocompatible, but also with every single vegetable raw material, not genetically modified, nor irradiated with ionising radiation, and with completely recyclable containers.

At the DRN stand, in addition to the continuous awards for Linkskin®, both spray and tablets, which more than ever represents a non-pharmacological and indispensable support for atopic and/or allergic subjects, great attention was paid to Stomek®, a completely natural and effective product for dogs with gastritis, an often underestimated but very common situation.

In addition to the scientific presence, ICF was also very much appreciated for its sponsorship of the Dinner Dance that took place in the magnificent setting of The Baron’s Hall and Gallery, founded in 1756: the oldest Port wine, aged in oak barrels, in all of Portugal.
In addition to the excellent dinner, there was plenty of music, fun and dancing for all 600 colleagues who attended!

That’s why we can truly say that we were once again protagonists!


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