Why wait for a toothache?

In our animals, as in humans, healthy teeth and gums are the best prerequisite for healthy organs.

Diseases of the oral cavity are among the problems most frequently diagnosed by veterinarians in dogs and cats.
chronic with local and systemic effects.

5 fundamental points to protect teeth and gums

1) Plan periodic check-ups with your vet to identify and manage any pathological processes affecting the teeth and oral cavity at an early stage.
2) Bacterial plaque is deposited daily on teeth and gums and plays a very important role in inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity and bad breath. Prevent its formation on a daily basis.
3) Excessive tartar can cause short- and long-term damage: dental cleaning by your vet is essential to prevent it.
4) A balanced diet with vitamins and minerals is very important!
5) Use products specifically formulated for dogs and cats with the right degree of adhesiveness to allow easy administration and a long stay in contact with the mucous membranes of the oral cavity.

Stomodine®: The ideal support in case of acute disorders of the oral cavity and also after dental extractions. With 0.12% chlorhexidine, it guarantees a prolonged anti-plaque action.
Stomodine® LP: The most suitable support for chronic oral diseases and neoplasms, with 0.06% chlorhexidine acting in synergy with Tris-EDTA, which prolongs the action.
Stomodine® F: the patented and most appropriate support, not only to slow down plaque formation, but also to support the integrity of the oral mucosa in case of inflammation; with 0.07% chlorhexidine acting in synergy with Tris-EDTA which prolongs its action!

All products in the Stomodine® line:
• are very palatable, thanks to a synthetic meat flavouring that allows the product to be used even in allergic individuals
• reduce halitosis


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