ICF’s otological products for dogs and cats

ICF has for over 35 years formulated a range of otological products for dogs and cats for cleaning and cleansing the ears that meet different needs.

Oto più for daily ear cleaning

Your dog or cat’s ears require thorough cleaning because they are very delicate. Keeping your dog or cat’s ears thoroughly clean is not only a matter of hygiene, but also a very effective form of prevention.

Clorexyderm® oto più is an ear solution for dogs and cats based on chlorexidine and lactobionic acid with moisturising and soothing action.

Clorexyderm® oto più is a routine otological product useful both in healthy animals, puppies and adults, and for la earcleansing before the application of the auricular treatment prescribed by the veterinary surgeon.

Otoact: earwax removal at home

Otoact® is a squalene-basedear solution for dogs and cats, that is safe even in the presence of a damaged eardrum. It removes all excess earwax from your dog’s and cat’s ears!

Its particularly popular fragrance makes it the ideal product for cleaning the ear canal in the presence of excessearwax production.

Otodine the ear solution recommended by veterinarians

Otodine® is anear solution for dogs and cats, patented throughout Europe since 2005, based on Chlorexidine and Tris-EDTA.

Otodine®, due to its composition, is an adjuvant in the treatment of bacterial and/or Malassezia.

When to use Otodine or Otoact?

The ears are covered with skin and careful cleaning prevents the formation of pabulum, i.e. material on which bacteria and yeasts such as Malasseziafeed, which can cause otitis.

However, in addition to bacterial or yeast ear infections, ear infections can also be ceruminous, i.e. caused by excessive production of earwax. Often the amount of earwax increases due to poor diet or states of allergy and/or food intolerance.

Otoact ® ear solution helps to make cerumen softer and more easily removable by the owner in cases of ceruminous otitis with dry cerumen and/or production of ceruminoliths (so-called “ear plugs”).

Otodine ® ear solution is an effective adjunct to the therapy prescribed by your veterinary surgeon if he/she detects the presence of bacterial or yeast otitis such as Malasseziaduring the clinical examination.


Ask your vet which ICF ear solutions are suitable for your pet!

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